But Wait . . .

But Wait . . .

For those of you who can view American TV for at least an hour you will probably see an infomercial for something that you don’t need – a snuggy, knifes that cut through anything, amazing cleaners, globes to water plants, etc.  All of them have the same sales pitch: You can buy this amazing product for $19.95 but wait . . . if you order now you can get two for the same low amazing price . . . just pay for the processing and handling which I assume is probably another $19.95.  It always sounds like a rip off to me.  I don’t trust them and it turns me off.  As soon as I hear “but wait” I feel like I’ve walked into a snake oil store.

Life can be like.  A rip off.  A “but wait” moment.  Sometimes waiting is good.  It builds patience and character and causes us to listen to God.  But when it is attached to a “deal” it is usually a rip off that we will need to figure out.  The question isn’t whether we will get ripped off at times – its “when”.  It happens to all of us.  I’m currently reading about George Washington and how he got ripped off by Benedict Arnold.  What a bad deal.

No the answer is “when”.  And the question is “How will you respond to the rip off”.  Will you get angry and abusive or will you forgive and move on?  Will you respond in a Godly way?  The big difference between George Washington and Benedict Arnold wasn’t in their military leadership – both were great.  The difference was in how they reacted to being “ripped off”.

I pray that you will build character on top of those “but wait” issues that you are dealing with.

Genesis 29:27
But wait until the bridal week is over, then we’ll give you Rachel, too—provided you promise to work another seven years for me.”        PS I always thought this was a HUGE rip off!



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