This past Sunday, 60 minutes ran a story about the town inFlorida where the space shuttles were launched.  Since the government closed down the space program, this town has been decimated.  Almost everyone has lost their jobs, businesses have left, and real estate has lost almost all value.  People interviewed broke down in tears over their losses.  The resounding response was “I feel like such a failure”.  I felt bad for them but I wondered “Why do they feel like failures?”  This wasn’t their fault.  They lived and built a town and their only mistake was thinking that the space program would go on forever.

This is a common feeling in America lately.  Most of the men I know in their 50’s feel like failures because they are not where they wanted to be at this age.  (I’m not preaching this to anyone else – I have struggled with this for years).  Loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of investments, life decisions that did not work out, life struggles, etc.  Many of us feel like Joseph down in the pit wondering what we did wrong and how we will ever get out of this mess.

With failure on my mind, I thought I’d do a word study in the Bible.  I searched the NIV for failure – nothing.  I searched the King James – nothing.  I searched American Standard – one verse and it didn’t apply.  I searched the Amplified – ah, 5 mentions, many didn’t apply.  Why are we so focused on a concept that God didn’t choose to address with any severity?  Why is failure so feared when God really doesn’t make it an issue?  Maybe we’re so focused on our earthly failures and successes that we lose focus on the heavenly call that God has for us.

Again, I’m praying for myself in this.  I pray for God to abound in us and reveal His glory and mercy.  I pray that we do not fall to the spirit of failure but to stand in His righteous calling!

Please read Numbers 11.  vs 15  “let me not see my wretchedness(in the failure of my efforts)


One thought on “Failure

  1. Why? Because our whole society has been raised on a performance mentality and on working or acting is such ways that will gain acceptance! THAT’S WHY! Our minds need to be renewed by allowing the Lord to transform them so that we look at ourselves the way He does and also so that we truly grasp his love and acceptance. It is a process and sometimes a radical struggle, but He is able to do that in us so that our paradigm shifts and we stop performing for acceptance and approval and accept His Grace – His enabling, empowering Grace. We become radically changed. Rom. 12:1-2
    HE does it. We need to learn how to let Him.

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