Love is a Battlefield

This was a popular song by Pat Benatar in the late 70’s.  We’ve all read Ephesians 6:12 that states that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.  This is very true until the battle becomes physical as it did in our house this week.  I picked my wife up off the floor this week after she had been punched in the face by our son who continues to rage against battles in his spirit.  His battles include pornography, abuse, and abandonment (to name a few) from his birth family and years in an orphanage.  We don’t totally understand his battles.  We try.  We try to help but the battles linger.  We hear his pain and love him through it but sometimes love is a battlefield and we experience the pain of it too – Laurie’s face is black and blue, very sore, and she probably has a concussion. 

Calling the police on your 14 year old son is not easy.  Watching him get arrested is even harder.  When do you draw the line between spiritual battles and physical battles?  When do you step in and use physical force or civil empowerment to stop a spiritual battle?

You may not be facing a battle this intense today.  Maybe you are and you don’t realize it.  As we spread the gospel around the world we will encounter battles.  Some we will win, some we will lose but we know that the war has been won.

Laurie and I stand on faith that God has rescued this young man and that He has a divine purpose for his life.  His battles are worse than most of us have experienced but maybe the calling on his life is stronger than most of us have as well.

As we link spiritual arms with each other this week let’s agree to pray and stand in the gap for those of us who are facing fierce battles in Kingdom. 

I encourage you to take time today to pray for those in your sphere and for all of us fighting the good fight.

James 4:1
[ Submit Yourselves to God ] What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?


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