A Not So Royal Abortion

The ink is still wet on my previous blog – A Royal Abortion (see below).  And now USATODAY hits again.  Only this time they edited their headline –

Kim Kardashian bares bump in a vacation bikini

Now it is just a “bump” not a “baby bump”.  The article doesn’t say “baby” once.   Maybe my blog hit the editor and he/she insisted on leaving “baby” out of the picture!  Maybe no one cares about this baby and only how the mother to be looks.  This baby isn’t destined to royalty.  Except for the fame and wealth, this baby will face what approximately 40% of newborns face – an out of wedlock conception before the previous divorce is settled following a previous divorce.  I’m not trying to judge Kim.  I’m trying to understand the rules of a society that promotes pro-choice while being excited about pregnancy.  Do they think it is really just a blob of tissue in there?


This may make you stop and think all day –

The headline today reads “Watching Duchess Kate’s Baby Bump”.  What if Kate decided to have an abortion?  Even USA TODAY calls it a “baby”.  Not a fetus.  A baby.  Everyone acknowledges that it is a baby.  What if she aborted the heir to the throne of England?  Outrage? Cries? Murderer?  “The child was heir to the throne!”  He or she had so much purpose!

What right would she have to do such an atrocity?  Could the Queen stop her?  Could the country stop her?  Remember, it is HER body.  The baby doesn’t belong to Great Britain or does it?

What reasons would Kate have to kill her baby?  She is married, well off, has medical care, she is the right age, she wants to have a baby, and as far as we know the baby is healthy.  There would be no logical reason to kill it.

Except that she has the right to.  It is her body.  Her choice.  Imagine the headlines! The outrage.  She would be hated forever.

Is it based on that fact that this baby has a known destiny?  Or is it because she isn’t young, poor, or unmarried?  I doubt that even Planned Parenthood could justify this abortion.  Controversial?

Jeremiah 1:2 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”


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