Is God offended when we fart?

*Warning* This may be offense to some.  Please proceed with caution.

I was sitting in church, listening to a sermon that was on theheavy side of boring.  It was warm and I was uncomfortable.  I was suffering from eating too much fried food the night before.  Have you ever been in public when that natural occurrence, that natural relief of gas, that bodily function that just shouldn’t be there, just won’t go away?  I was sweating.  There are two options to this function: one makes a horrific sound that everyone hears, especially in a quiet place like church; the other is a deadly odor that lingers and seems to never go away.

What do you do in these situations?  I thought briefly about trying to get up to leave but I was in the middle of the pew.  The name “pew” seemed like a terrible joke at this moment.  I was worried that by just moving I may “bless” everyone around me.  This may seem funny, but at the time it was far from being funny.

The long sermon finally came to an end but to my dismay, the pastor led us into a time of silent prayer and meditation on the word that was shared.  My meditation was on the unspiritual topic of “Is God offended when we fart?”  due to my suffering.

God created us.  He knew well before we were born that we would have unpleasant body functions.  He also said that He would be with us always.  So it’s not like we can slip away from God for a minute to relieve ourselves when we are suffering the way I was.  I don’t know whether God can smell the offense but I’m sure that He hears them.  There are times when it may be funny, just like there are times when it is funny with friends.  In my case, I like to blast my sons when we are in the car and I lock the power windows so that they cannot get relief!

But what about those special moments with God; Those times when we are in prayer, mediation, or Bible study.  Could this be offensive when we do something so rude while trying to worship?  I have read the Bible through several times and I have not found a scripture to list this as a sin.  Neither have I found any mention of it at all.   In fact, I believe God is silent on this subject altogether.  This is very frustrating to me.  I like a God that dictates everything we do.  I don’t like to sit and suffer but I most certainly don’t want to offend Him while praying.

How do we bow and pray saying “Dear Heavenly Father, we love you and worship you. . . “bleep”. . . and praise you above all else.”  This can’t be appropriate can it?  Should we excuse ourselves from prayer, go outside for a moment and then continue with the prayer?  Isn’t that silly?  God is still outside hearing and possibly smelling.  I wish there was some guidance in the scripture.

I finally went to my pastor and asked for his wisdom to this challenge.  He began laughing and thought I was trying to be funny.  This only added to my dismay.  There is a mention in the New Testament about offending the Holy Spirit.  Could this be it?

I asked the sales clerk at the Christian bookstore if she knew of any writing on the subject.  She blushed and walked away.  Am I being ridiculous?  Doesn’t anyone else wonder about these issues?  Am I the only one who has bodily urges while trying to pray?

Life was in a downward spiral.  I was becoming more depressed every day.  No one could help me with my spiritual quest.  My family was becoming distant.  How could they respect a man that farts while praying?

After all my searching, I still don’t have an answer.  Do we offend God when we fart?  Will we fart in heaven?  Is farting a sin?  Ok, I know that farting can’t be a sin but maybe when we are in prayer or worship?  Is there anyone who can help me find wisdom in this?


13 thoughts on “Is God offended when we fart?

  1. Brian, you have a wonderful sense of humor, and thank you for this post. Just go easy on the food before church services. My wife, with whom I sing in our church choir, has curbed my love for Thai garlic chicken on Saturday nights because of how it oozes out of my pores on Sunday morning. I might not have offended God, but I’m sure that I’ve offended my wife and fellow singers.

  2. I don’t think it offends God at all I think it’s more other people but God made us with these body functions and he loves us just the way we are and in some countries people feel offered if u don’t fart so no I don’t think it’s sinful but I do think it polite not to when in worship

  3. Hehe, What offends God is when we live a life contrary to Christian teaching, He lives within us and we can grieve Him, also we are told that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Bad habits can persist, if we accidentally break wind in a company of people would we not feel embarrassed etc, even shame. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. When we do our daily toilet 🙂 are we at peril 🙂 It is good that questions like this are raised so they can be answered, your not alone.

  4. Isaiah 26:18 We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

  5. Reportedly Martin Luther would spend up to 6 hours per day in confession and after a prologue period his father confessor said to him “Martin you have gotten to the point where every fart is a sin”… so apparently Martin Luther’s father confessor thought at least some farts are sins…
    This discussion reminds me of one Sunday some 35+ years ago my wife & I on a wooden pew in a chapel outside Perry IA and in the middle of the sermon she expressed herself with a remarkable report that reverberated throughout this small chapel… I don’t remember much except my never dying embarrassment & my wife’s aunt Alice falling off the pew in an unsuccessful effort to control herself. .. I think God smiled… it was not otherwise a very remarkable sermon….


  6. The answer is no, the King of Kings can not even look on sin, never mind bother Himself about someone who farts. I am sure He is busy with other matters.

    I really would not really worry about this, but remember that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    Also that Salvation is by grace and not by works so I would highly recommend to think that way and press on to resurrection day, doing the best you can.

    Our heavenly Father did not send His Son to the Cross for your Elect Salvation only to lose you because of flatulence.

  7. Attitude. That’s what makes the difference. Gases, by design, are part of the God-ordained chemical reaction known as digestion. Flatulence can be a great equalizer, as in most cases, it humbles people. Even the royal and the extremely wealthy cannot escape the laws of chemistry.

    I say, try to save it for the bathroom, but if it does accidentally slip out, at least attempt to be polite about it, or to do damage control. Best to keep it as anonymous and forgettable as possible.

    Forcing it, insisting on letting it fly in an elevator, even if earlier “test” farts have already demonstrated that it is as lethal as raw, untreated sewer gas is uncouth, inconsiderate, crass and vulgar, and only identifies you as a cretin of the lowest order.

    We should always be extra careful not to be racist or homophobic by deliberately inflicting it upon minorities. That would actually constitute a hate crime! Also, be aware of senior citizens who are already carrying around their oxygen bottles.

    Consideration is always in good style!


  8. The word ‘sin’ is more accurately described as missing the mark and even more accurate- to make mistakes or not reach the mark. No one reaches Jesus yet were called to be perfect.

    I think part of the quandary here is that we think sin is ONLY volitional sin. We imply that heavily.

    If that were the case then ‘His mercies are new every morning’ means that we start of the day ‘perfect’ and then go from there hoping not to ‘sin’ (meaning make a volitional sin).


    The standard for sin is more than volitional. It is also accidental, imperfection and basically coming up short. That means if you don’t brush your teeth just right you have ‘sinned’. (regardless of whether you then have go to the dentist or not!)

    See the standard is Jesus, perfection.

    So, I’m not making this any better right? Let me show you why, in actuality, it is better this way…

    Because it takes our understanding of sin and stands it on it’s head. Because it ELEVATES Jesus into the stratosphere. You see, we think we can ‘keep up’ with Jesus if we don’t ‘sin’ (again, volitionally) but we cannot.

    Knowing that we come up short of the mark and therefore ‘farting’ or ‘missteps’ of any kind are included as what true sin is does not mean we should ‘throw up our arms and QUIT!’ No!!!

    It means that our delusions of reaching Jesus in our own earthly fleshly works have just been shattered.

    It means that Jesus powerful grace for our every waking moment is far grander and more necessary than we had ever imagined.

    It means that Jesus is that incomprehensibly HUGE and amazing God who made himself EVEN SMALLER than we ever thought and far more amazing than we ever believed as he navigated this world without sin. WITHOUT ever once ‘missing the mark’.

    I can’t put my mind around that but I know it is true.

    So, in the end is farting a sin? Well, it depends what you consider ‘sin’ to be. A volitional act of missing the mark which surely would anger God or a non-volitional act of missing the mark which is STILL MISSING THE MARK but your heavenly Father would simply say, hey I love you, had some bad beans last night huh?

    ; )

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