mountain dewThis is big change from what I usually write about. It reminds me of the old Monty Python shows “Now for something completely different.” Some of you will think it’s silly or just plain stupid. If you do, it’s because you don’t suffer from an addictive personality of because you never became victim to a vice.

I have been addicted to Mountain Dew (ok stop laughing) for nearly 30 years. I admit it. It controls me. If you don’t believe me, Google “Mountain Dew addiction.” You will be amazed at the postings. There are people that don’t drink ANYTHING but MD. There are people that drink 2 to 4 liters a day or 1/2 a case a day. I’ve never known anyone addicted to other sodas but MD is known for addiction. I’m not sure if it is the combination of sugar and caffeine or if there is another additive in it that makes it so addictive. I do believe that it is as strong as any other vice (other than narcotic drugs) because I feel it and I see others who battle it.

I go to sleep with it in mind. I wake up and think about my first drink. I need it. I crave it. If I am traveling, I take it with me. I fear getting to a place where I can’t get it. I start the day with one and drink it all day long. It calms my nerves and helps me with stress. The more stressed I am, the more I need it. When I don’t get it, I am irritable, tired, and feel terrible. The more I drink the more I need it and the worse I feel.

Go ahead and say it: “Just stop drinking it.” I have, more times then I can count. I’ve stopped for months at a time. But just like an alcoholic, if I take one drink I’m back on it again. There have been many times when I say, “Look, it’s just soda. It’s my only vice. It’s no big deal. It’s not hurting me.”

Well now it is. I have gained 90 lbs since my wedding day. I know that’s not all from soda but it is a lot of it. I’ve had and continue to have heart problems, high blood pressure, gout, and now I am facing diabetes. It is painful to watch and embarrassing at the same time. How can a grown man be a slave to a drink.

Like I said, if you don’t have issues with anything like this, you won’t understand. I’m fighting the temptation again and yes, I am cranky! I’m angry. I just want my fix. Don’t tell me about diet MD or “it will be better after a week”. No, it won’t. You don’t say that to an alcoholic and it doesn’t help me either. Hopefully I will give you a positive update in the months ahead. Hopefully I will drop some weight too.

Philippians 3:19
Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Brian,
    As usual, you write powerfully and with feeling (that can be felt). I do challenge you that you are a child of God, a saint with a changed nature whose destiny is NOT destruction, and one whose heart is to see lives changed by the power of Jesus, especially children………..luv ya’ man…………Tim.

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