What kind of Mennonite are you?

Once again, now for something completely different and I will probably get in trouble for it.  If you follow my facebook page, you know I like to bust on my Mennonite heritage.  I don’t plan to post any Mennonite jokes here but maybe I should start a blog just for that!

Lancaster Mennonite School is back in session so I thought I would post in their honor.  They like to be the first school back in session every year so they can get media attention.  I don’t think this fits into the Anabaptist guidelines but since the Bishop doesn’t point it out, I guess it’s not a sin.

There are many kinds of Mennonites out there – Old order M’s, liberal M’s, black bumper M’s, Ohio M’s, Canadian M’s, Russian M’s, African American M’s, cheap M’s (basically all M’s are cheap), and the latest addition Pink M’s.  We may get to the pinks later.

For now we are going to discuss the Old Family M’s and the New Family M’s.  Think of this as “Old Money” rich people (those who have had money passed down through generations and have society clout, and “New Money” rich people (those who just struck it rich like Bill Gates).   In Mennonite society, there are old family M’s (those who have a loooooonnnnng heritage (the best (like me) that can be traced back to Switzerland) and new family (those who recently joined a Mennonite church but have no heritage)).

There is nothing wrong with new family M’s.  They just don’t have the heritage to brag about.  Woops, we’re not allowed to brag.  Sorry!

There is nothing wrong with new wealth.  Again, they just don’t have the heritage and social clout.  Then why is it a topic for discussion?  Because those of us who have the heritage are proud, I mean, joyful for the heritage that has been passed down.  We’re joyful for the stories that we can share.  For me, I love to hear old stories from Eastern Mennonite High School and College before it became a liberal institution.

One of my favorite memories as a child was watching the women sew quilts.  I tried to help my mom with this task but I’m not sure I ever got good at it.  You will notice that I jab at M’s, I make fun, I criticize, sometimes I condemn.  Some think that I have issues that need resolved.  Whatever.  Just remember, I have the heritage.  I can trace all the way back to Switzerland on Ancestor.com.  For all I know I am related to Menno Simon.

Psalm 61:5

For you, God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.



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