Do you know your enemy?

When David guarded his sheep, he knew who the enemy was – lions, bears, etc.   In our lives today, we are not that fortunate.  We live among terrorists, con artists, liars and thieves to name just a few.

Two of the startling issues are pedophiles and child kidnappers.  As a 53 year old man, I need to worry about how I interact with children.  I love children.  My wife Laurie is a pre-school teacher and I’m around children quite often.  But because of sin I now need to hold back from talking to children that I don’t know.  Children are afraid.  Their parents are afraid.  I may be a child molester or murderer to them.

Dear friends of mine were driving down my street years ago when my son Josh was getting off the bus from elementary school.  They knew who he was but he didn’t know them.  They stopped and rolled down their window to say hello.  Their daughter in the back seat yelled, “Mom, you can’t talk to him, you’re a stranger!”  How sad.

Know your enemy but most of all know your shepherd!

Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd




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