in the face of evil . . .

Debbi DiGennaro (a missionary serving in Nairobi Kenya)
A mother escaped the building with her children, but went back in to bring out two other kids whose mother was killed.

A British couple held on to each other lovingly as they died.

A injured woman whispered words of hope to her husband, and reached for this hand as she slipped into eternal unconsciousness.

Colleagues of an injured man organized themselves to hold a vigil with him for ten days, to support him after his wife died.

And a friend of mine from Rosslyn was getting dressed to go to that mall when her children (one is Shadrach’s classmate), when she changed her mind and decided to stay home. Her husband went alone, and was able to run to safety when the guns started.

The forces of good, the impulse for life and for healing, are activated and powerful in Nairobi this week. I am proud to be here, and give witness to the many right and true things that have happened in the face of great evil.


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