O-M-G, Christians, watch what you say…

And 2 Makes Crazy


I was at the bowling alley and saw a young man (late teens, early 20s) with a tattoo on the back of his neck.  It was an American Flag, upside down.

Now, I’m a fan of body art.  You won’t find me picketing a tattoo parlor.  So the issue was not, in the least, the tattoo.  It was the tattoo that he had chosen and why.

The upside down flag had me curious.  So I went up to this young man and asked, “Excuse me, why did you get a tattoo of an upside down American flag?”

His answer was simple, “Freedom of expression, man.  Freedom of expression.”

Well…I’m a huge believer of that Amendment, too.

But I was still curious.  So I went on, “Totally agree.  But, do you know what an upside down American flag symbolizes?”

He had a blank look on his face.


“It signals that…

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