Holding On~Living with PTSD

I spotted this blog because I was intrigued by the photo. Although it is not about adoption – it does begin with the topic of abandonment so I thought it fit in. So much pain . . .

Survivor Standing Strong

On Father’s Day this year was the second time in my life I had felt that low. So low I tried to commit suicide again. I have always had this feeling of running away or crawling in the darkest corner in a ball. Escaping the pain my heart, body & mind feels is so hard to do when you feel there is no where to go. When my parents abandoned me when I was about 16 years old in Arizona I thought my life was over. I had no extended family & we had just moved there so I knew just a few friends my age. That was the first time I wanted to die. My caseworker had some aspirin in her bathroom cabinet and I took all she had in the bottle. I gave her an excuse on why I was feeling dizzy but she caught on because I…

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