Here’s a diet, there’s a diet

I’m not trying to be unhealthy but the rules change continually.  There are over 73,000 listings for diet books on amazon.  Americans spend 40 billion 40 billion a year on diets, books, and programs.  In my life I have seen:

Low calorie, low carb, natural, raw, salad, now wheat, no sugar, no salt, vegetarian, vegan, timing (small portions and carb), supplements, pills, powder, shakes, pre-packaged meals, meetings, grapefruit, nuts. tofu, oh and don’t forget gluten.  (I know I’m probably missing a bunch)

Speaking of supplements and vitamins: We have gone through A, B, C, D, E, K, fish oil, calcium, fiber, – there are too many to list.

All of the above run like this – Someone comes out with a report “We need to take this in huge doses. It used to be in our food but we have stripped the nutrients and now we don’t get it and we need it.”  People rush out to the stores and buy massive quantities.  We are judged for not buying the “real” supplements instead of the cheap junk that really isn’t the true supplement.  After spending hundreds of dollars on this stuff that really didn’t make us feel any different another guru comes out with a report that the original report was false and even worse “this supplement may be harming us, stop taking it.”  There is mercury in the fish pills.  The fish pills have been sitting too long and are now bad.  Vitamin E can actually harm our hearts instead of helping.  Expense urine.

Are we suckers?

The majority of the world lives on rice and beans.  Another large population lives on potatoes.  Oh no! Starch and carbs.

Most  people eat to survive.  We eat for entertainment.  Did you know that one of the biggest conversations at dinner is food?  We talk about food while we are eating!

Is wine good for us or is it bad?  Let’s all drink bottled water.  Wait, there are chemicals in the bottles that could be killing us.  Is coffee helping us or hurting us?  It’s the processed food that is killing us.  Our produce is filled with fertilizers and weed killers.  Buy organic.  There is no test to prove that organic is healthier.  Don’t eat eggs, eggs are now okay.  Don’t forget fast food – let’s get a burger down the street instead.

These statements have not been approved by the food and drug administration.  Who will tell us what to eat while the government is shut down.

Seriously folks, I’m not trying to be a cynic.  I take a dozen prescription pills a day to stay alive.  I inherited really bad genes and I don’t have aspirations of living to 100.  I had my first heart attack at age 39.  I need to lose 40 pounds.  Oh, and I could write a whole other blog on exercise.   Lift weights.  Don’t lift weights.  Run, no walk.  Walk fast.  Dance – oh wait dancing is a sin.  Swim.  Did you know there are chemicals in a pool that can hurt you?  Do Yoga.  Isn’t that spiritual?  By the way, what is the difference physically between sitting on a couch and reading for 3 hours verses watching tv?  When I read, I can only eat with one hand because I’m holding a book.  When I watch tv I have both hands free unless I’m holding the remote.

When someone figures this all out I will listen but until then I will enjoy my see-food diet.  I eat what I see.

Romans 14:20

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a person to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble.

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