Ministry in Guatemala

I felt led to share this opportunity to give:

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Emiliana, our “grandmother” at Casa Angelina, was rescued a few months ago from horrible living conditions. When we found her she weighed only 63 pounds! She suffered from extreme malnourishment, which prohibited her from eating well the first two months she was with us. Because of this, she lost 4 pounds. She also suffered from bronchitis, gastritis, intestinal infection, arthritis, anemia and a very stubborn parasite that took months to get rid of. When we found her, she was in a wheelchair, unable to walk, feed or bathe herself and needed assistance going to the bathroom. 

Emiliana in the home and life we rescued her from.
We are so happy to report that God is miraculously working in her body! God has healed her in so many ways. She has gained back the weight she first lost and now weighs 68 pounds! She is off of all medication, and only needs supplements such as iron, fiber and multivitamins. Her bronchitis is completely gone, her gastritis is under control, she no longer has intestinal issues, and there are no signs of parasites!
One of the biggest miracles we are experiencing with Emiliana, is that she is on her way to being more independent! She can feed, bathe and go to the bathroom herself and can take a few steps with her walker! Getting her up and on her feet has helped her gain much needed strength in her legs. We praise God that He has given us the opportunity to sow into Emiliana’s life!

Watch this video of Emiliana walking!
We want to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support of Casa Angelina. Because of you, we are able to care for our widows and children. Below are some specific needs we have at Casa Angelina. We are trusting God to continue His provision for us. We want to send a big thanks to all of you, our faithful supporters!
Emiliana lives in an apartment at Casa Angelina that is connected to another house. This apartment needed a bathroom, which we were able to build with some extra material we had. Since we didn’t have all of the materials we needed, it ended up being a very rough finish. With winter coming and it currently raining so much, we would like to finish this bathroom properly for her. The total cost for this project will be $3000.00.
We have elementary, middle and high school students who are in need of graduation gowns for their upcoming graduation ceremonies. Each gown costs $16.00 and there are 20 children that will need them totaling $320.00. At the end of each school year, we have a graduation celebration for all the children, which will cost $400.00. We are asking for your help in raising a total of $720.00 by the end of October. 
All of the children at Casa Angelina are growing and are in need of pants for Christmas this year, especially our older kids. We would love to be able to give each child three pairs of pants. To be able to do this, we need to raise $1000.00. 
Each child needs a new bath towel. Towels costs $3.76 each, so we are hoping to raise $376.00 to be able to fill this need. 
Thank you again for partnering with us as we continue to care for these precious lives!
Everything we do of significance we do in partnership with others, and without your help we cannot fulfill our mission of saving children in Jesus’ name. We want you to be a part of this journey and join us in feeling the conviction of helping those in greatest need—the orphans and widows.
To find out more about supporting our children and becoming a partner in our ministry, please contact us at our U.S. office at or by calling (719) 495-9494.

Thank you for investing your valuable time into being connected with what God is doing through this ministry.

Connected in Purpose,
The Team at What Matters Ministries and Missions

 “And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.”  -Matthew 18:5

PO Box 62820 | Colorado Springs, CO 80962 US

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