We’re at our anniversary

We made it to our anniversary.  1 year.  We are observing it today and tomorrow.  Isaiah died on October 23rd but last year the 23rd was a Tuesday.  Last week I planted a tree for Isaiah and his grandfather who died a month earlier.  Tonight I am helping one of his friends plant a tree in her yard.  She is still hurting and needs a lot of prayer and healing.

Tomorrow Laurie and I are going to sort through all of his belongings and clothes.  We haven’t touched anything in his room for a year.  We’re going to collect his things and donate them to charity.  We hope that they will help someone in need.  We are also applying to renew our passports.  They ran out two years ago and with everything going on we did not renew them.  It’s time for us to travel again.  It’s time for us to reach out to missions again.  Maybe it’s time to work in an orphanage for a season.

We have prayed.  We have questioned.  At times we doubted.  We’ve had anger and frustration.  We’ve had relief.  When we see killings by hurting teens we are relieved that our tragedy didn’t end that way.  Maybe that is a terrible way to look at this but it is reality.  It could have ended much worse than it did.

Last night was difficult.  After a year of dealing with the police we finally got the records from the stolen iphone that he was texting on during his final three days.  That was hard but it showed again the pain and confusion that he had.  How does a child get so damaged and why couldn’t he be saved?  Those are questions that we can’t answer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who have stood with us this year.  Your prayers have carried us through it.  You will never know how much that helped.  There were so many times that we talked at night and shared how much peace we felt.  We always said, “it’s because so many people are praying for us.”  Don’t ever feel like you can’t do anything.  The prayers of the righteous are very strong . . .


3 thoughts on “We’re at our anniversary

  1. Brian (& Laurie),
    I still look for Isaiah, expecting him to be sitting in the foyer of the church as the steam from his drink rises toward his face. There is a spot in my heart for the “extra” children – the ones that sit on the outside – alone with who they are, possibly not sought out and included in the connected groups of others. Oh, they may wear a face of happiness, because that is what works best and they have figured it out to a certain extent. But one can tell that few other peers sidle up close just because of who they are; those children grow up and often remain hidden as adults -with their loneliness. Jesus went to their house, met them at the well, sought them out and joined them in their fishing expeditions. We, who have the “Jesus spirit” stretch beyond ourselves and touch…… like your family has done for Isaiah. There are SO MANY people who were blessed by Isaiah because of you. Thank you for enriching MY life by bringing him near to me! Eternity will show us why… You are loved! Lisa B.

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