Preacher’s Kids #3

Children in general have a very small scope of life.  Babies mainly think in terms of food/diapers/general discomfort.  Young children think in terms of supervision (being able to see their care giver)/food/diapers/etc.  Older children think in terms of their schedule or routine – they can’t really grasp a world view or the suffering of others.  They can hear bad news and still go outside and play like nothing has happened – unless it involves them.

Preacher’s Kids are the same.  They grow up thinking that they are the only ones with a parent that does a strange job.    That job involves many evenings away from home at “meetings”.   Strange people constantly coming to the house.   The question “What does dad really do?”  They think that they are the only ones with these questions but in reality most of the other children have similar questions.

Every job has advantages and disadvantages.  My dad was almost always home between 4 and 6 which allowed him to eat dinner with us.  It allowed him to help me with a paper route for 5 years.  I got to grow up in a parsonage next door to the church so I had a HUGE yard to play in.  People in the church were always giving us things.  I can’t list them all here but it is an amazing abundance!!!!  I was able to date many girls that weren’t allowed to date because I was a “pastor’s son” and their parents thought I was safe.  They were wrong – don’t EVER let your daughter date a PK!

In hindsight, I loved being a PK.  I learned a great deal about people, running a church, politics, God, religion, oh and some very funny stories that are yet to come!church


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