A little Perspective

Let’s get serious for a moment: I love animals. My dog sleeps under the covers in my bed. I love everyone else’s dogs. I like cats. I feed birds. I love wildlife. I am a tree hugger as well. BUT, folks c’mon. Lets get serious. We have animal sponsor funds to “save” dogs and cats. Little perspective – dogs and cats fend for their lives in almost every country of the world besides America. I’m not happy about that. I think people who abuse an animal should be punished – remember, I love animals. But the day I sponsor an animal protection charity over children who are suffering and starving will be a cold day . . . . Putting an ad on TV with ‘O Holy Night’ playing with sad dog faces. Really? How about some perspective?

We need responsible pet owners.  We need to stop puppy mills and abuse.  But have you ever held a hungry child?  Have you ever walked the slums of the poorest?  A little perspective is needed.  Sponsor a child this year.  Give some time to help a human. 



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