Dying from sin on a day with a “Y” in it

I read this quote today in USATODAY, “Sorkin adds that (Philip Seymour) Hoffman, a ‘kind, decent, magnificent, thunderous actor,” did not die from an “overdose of heroin — he died from heroin. We should stop implying that if he’d just taken the proper amount then everything would have been fine.”

The thought occurred to me; this is the same way God looks at sin.  It’s not a great big horrible monster sin that kills us and separates us from God.  It is ANY sin.  We love to say that Hitler is burning in hell or that some deranged pedophile will perish but all of us will find our peril if we don’t repent.

We don’t want to hear that do we?  Society won’t stand for it.  We talk in terms of “good person” and “did so much good”.  We talk about “white lies” and we laugh at gossip.  We lift up the greedy business barons that profit from the sweat of their workers.  We worship celebrities that taunt anything decent.  “It’s all done for show”.

Bottom line: We lie – we separate from God.  We cheat – we separate from God. We think of an affair – we commit adultery.

There is a lot of hate out there today, on BOTH sides of the isle.  There is a lot of judgment.

We’re not dying from an overdose.  On Hoffman – And finally Sorkin notes: “He didn’t die because he was partying too hard or because he was depressed — he died because he was an addict on a day of the week with a y in it.”

We sin, we die. If it were not for God’s grace and mercy we wouldn’t stand a chance.

Romans 3:23  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God


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