Homosexuality is

I feel bombarded with the issues of homosexuality.  It is constant.  Daily.  Everywhere I go and everything I do.  It is commented during the Olympics, football, TV, movies, church, news, everywhere.  I can’t get away from it.  In light of that, I will make a prediction:  In 10 or 20 years from now, the homosexual issue will be settled in the church and the church will wonder what the “big deal” was back in 2014.

Since we are all struggling to know God’s direction with this, let’s look at the subject from a slightly different angle.  This is certainly not exhaustive and I have not put any great research into it.

There are a variety of sexual related sins listed in the Bible: Fornication (sex before marriage), Adultery (sex outside of marriage), Remarriage after divorce, lust (basically the same as fornication and adultery in God’s eyes), and homosexuality.

In the traditional Godly lifestyle that most of us understand we go through some kind of variation of this:  We date or court someone of the opposite sex and eventually get married.  The traditional process in this is that we don’t have sex before the wedding night with our spouse or anyone else.  Otherwise we are in sin.  We all have different opinions on “how far” is sin.  For some it is kissing.  For others it is anything but sexual intercourse.  You get the picture.  We all have sexual desires and attractions but we need to “wait” until that special day with that one special person.

In the church, we uphold this pattern and most people do not confess their sin unless they get caught (typically by getting pregnant). This sin was once a horrendous sin to recover from in the church.  Today, not so much.  Sin has a way of softening in time.  Most churches still outlaw leaders who are in an adulterous relationship.  Would you accept a pastor who was living with a partner outside of marriage?  Divorce has made a remarkable transition in the past 50 years.  I assume the church will welcome “living together” in the near future as well.

Ok, so back to the LGBTQ issue (did I get all of the initials?).  If we are to welcome homosexual marriage in the church, do we look at it from our current traditional pattern?  One realizes that they are gay.  One is attracted to another of the same sex.  The two have a courting relationship (no sex), get married and consummate the relationship at marriage.  They stay married and have a monogamous relationship for life.

Or, since we are welcoming any lifestyle, do we also allow the LGBTQ crowd to break any of the rules and have sex with anyone at anytime and except it all as being good?  You can certainly be monogamous and be gay.  Bi-sexual pretty much means more than one sexual partner so that steps into the fornication and adultery camps.  Transgender – I’m not sure what camp that fits into.  The same for queer.

One of the recent Mennonite articles discussed a woman who is a lesbian and in a relationship becoming ordained.  Everyone is focusing on the lesbian issue.  They didn’t mention that she was also divorced from a marriage to a man.  She now has at least two sexual sins on her sheet.  If she had sex with her partner before getting married, she has another mark.

Do you see where this is going?  I’m not casting judgment.  I am in the middle of hashing this out like everyone else and I have a long list of relationships with gay friends to add to my journey.  I’m just throwing into the pot more questions, concerns, doubts, etc.  How does the church love everybody and deal with sin?  The wisdom to this is above my pay grade. One thing I know, whether right or wrong in 10 or 20 years it will be accepted and we will wonder why I took the time to write this in 2014.



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