Set aside right and wrong but only hear our side

I scan through my news feeds today and I run across a heart felt article about a woman defending her abortion.  The post starts: “Set aside right or wrong just for a few moments. A woman wants to tell you her story.”

Ok, let’s set aside the arguments, anger, etc.  But can you please also run an article about a woman sharing her 5 most surprising things about giving birth to her child?  How about a teen mom that everyone encouraged to abort but now has a healthy successful child (teen or adult)?  How about a mom that had no alternative and gave a loving couple an adopted child?  How about a story written from a “saved” baby that is now an adult and is happy to share why they are glad they weren’t aborted?  Or, relevant to this story – a mother who carried her child to full term only to hold the severely handicapped child in her arms for a few minutes before he or she died?

No? Probably not.  I read those stories too but not in pro abortion news feeds.  Again, you want compassion from the other side but you are unwilling to publish successes on the other side for  fear of breaking down your stand.

#ANGIEaker   #abortion   #prolife


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