What Would Jesus Do?

Every day.  Every news broadcast, print, blog and internet post in 2014 has a news article about LGBT.  Every day.   Some day we will turn to news and we won’t see this but in 2014 it’s not going to happen.  It’s in our face like no other topic.  What was a joke 20 years ago is now reason to be fired, discredited, hated, persecuted and punished.

What would Jesus do?  One comedian recently said, the one thing I know Jesus wouldn’t do is wear those stupid WWJD bracelets!  I had to snicker a little at that one – can you see Jesus walking around with it?  What color would he pick?  How about a “Jesus” t-shirt?  Would he have bumper stickers on his car?

I posted before that I don’t have the answers to the dilemmas facing our walk with God.  I read the Bible and read the verses against this behavior.  I also know people who truly love their same sex “partner” far more than some heterosexual couples do.  I read how Jesus had compassion for sinners.  I also know a God that judges by our hearts and not by out outward actions.

What would Jesus do?

What will I do?  I won’t buy a WWJD bracelet.  I won’t buy a bumper sticker demeaning gays or the government. I will continue to pray and seek wisdom.  I will continue to love those around me – regardless of who they love.  I won’t just accept this as “God’s way” as some want us to.  To me that is just as wrong as those who fight against it without any openness.

Jesus wept over the death of his friend and then prayed for him to be risen.   Jesus later wept as He died and God raised him from the dead.   I sense that Jesus may be weeping now for both sides of this issue.  I wish we heard about Jesus everyday but for now we will hear about . . . well you know.

Mark 15:37  With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.


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