does it ever get any better?

A friend asked me the other day about Isaiah’s death.  She said, “does it ever get any better?” I answered, “I don’t know.”  In some ways it does.  In others it doesn’t.  I can’t watch soccer anymore.  I don’t really want to discuss the World Cup.  We have moments when we laugh about his funny exploits.  We can talk about him and what happened without becoming emotional.  I miss him just as much today as I did a year ago.  Some of the pain is gone.  Two years ago today he was in a youth correctional center facing felony breaking and entering charges.  I forgot all about that until now as I began writing.  That was a long summer with a lot of stress in our home. The reason I’m writing today is not to mourn Isaiah.  I am mourning for another family in our school district that lost their 18 year old daughter to a drunk driver yesterday.  Meredith Demko graduated from High School 25 days ago along with my son Josh.  She was planning on starting college in a few weeks. You don’t need another another lecture on drinking and driving.  I could rant and rage but it won’t change what happened yesterday.  I’m writing because this has brought my emotions back on edge.  Our little community has lost several parents over the past three years and we lost Isaiah.  We have all been to more funerals than I want to go to in a lifetime. I didn’t know Meredith personally and yet the pain is hitting me in the face.  Another family without their child.  Friends without their friend.  Teachers mourning the loss of a bright student.  Emergency responders dealing with shock.  Pictures of a smiling girl from the prom and graduation that will no longer be photographed. Our community will pull together again.  Friends will support the family.  Meals will be delivered.  Parents will give their children an extra hug and say “I love you” a little more often.  Parents will also remind their children a few too many times, “Please be careful driving.”  Life can suck.  It can really hurt at times.  But every time we get knocked down, we have someone there to help pull us up. Does it ever get any better?  Yes it does.  I still love Isaiah.  I miss him.  I miss John, Scott and Tim who died way to early these past few years.  I miss standing along the soccer field with them.  Meredith’s family and friends will miss her too.  Some days will be good.  Some days will be bad. Someday they will be able to laugh about her funny exploits.  But for now we will all cry.

a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn . . .



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