Euthanasia, part 2 – my thoughts

Random Thoughts

When I heard the term euthanasia as a child, I thought it was “youth in Asia”.  I couldn’t understand why people were against youth in Asia.  I now know what the word is and I still don’t know why so many are so against it.

I recognize the dangers.

I value life.

I honor God’s value of life.

I think there needs to be many safeguards and checks to monitor this and I think it should only be available in the most extreme cases.

But!  I value quality of life.  I see the sufferings of people trapped in a physical body that won’t stop – often because our own medical system has prolonged it unnaturally.  I respect God’s value but also realize that He doesn’t always take people home based on our time table especially when medicine has prolonged it.

I witnessed my mom suffer for years with Parkinson’s Disease…

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