Top 10 Reasons for going to church

I started out working on a blog post – top ten reasons for going to church.  I got distracted along the way . . .

I always resented part time church goers as a kid.  One group was the C&E Christians – they only came on Christmas and Easter and they clogged up the pews like the gym goers in January and February.  Everyone knows they won’t be back.  One pastor I heard said to the congregation on Christmas Day “I’ll see you at Easter”.

Another group was the Cabin Christians.  This group had a weekend retreat and they were gone most Sundays at their 2nd home.

We also had the semi-detached Christians.  Similar to a house that is attached on one side, we had families that were semi involved.  They came most Sundays but left immediately after the service and never really made any relationships in the body.  No one was quite sure who they were or what they were up to.

So I was going to write about the top ten reasons to go every Sunday and questioned why I really was there every Sunday.  Here is what I came up with:

1) I was forced to go every Sunday for the first 18 years of my life unless I had a fever.  In our house it was the unpardonable sin to skip church. This has a definite effect on your psyche.  Will I be struck down if I don’t go?

2) I went to see my friends.  Don’t confuse this with holy fellowship.  This was hanging out with friends and catching up on weekend news.

3) Showing off new clothes.  Ok, ok – This may have not applied to me but definitely to others.

4) I needed to be a good example to my children and force them to go like I was.

5) Worry about what the neighbors will think.  Just like I wouldn’t mow my yard on Sunday I couldn’t just stay home from church either.

6) I had a responsibility to fill – teaching, ushering, or a meeting.  I can’t sing so I wasn’t in the choir.

7) There was a potluck meal afterwards.  Similar to living in the mission, you have to go to the service to get the meal.

8) I hated the phone calls on Monday, “Where were you yesterday?”

9) I want to see my grandchildren and I don’t want them to think I’m a heathen.

10) There were times when I honestly went to worship, learn, fellowship and grow in my spiritual journey but I realized the first 9 reasons happened far more often.

Does that make me a part timer heathen that will be struck down?

Why do you go to church?

Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.





One thought on “Top 10 Reasons for going to church

  1. Why do I go to church? Well, probably for a lot of your top 9 reasons; but a lot of the time I think that I enjoy to be with others who say as best they can “I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord” Ps. 122:1, good ol’ KJV.

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