My Person of the Year

This is a tough challenge.  Last year I nominated 2 men who have stuck through difficult sickness with their wives.  This year, I prayed about generous people who have very little to give, women who work in schools in the slums of Kenya, and even Anna from the movie Frozen (more on that later).

My vote, however, came down to an old man.  A man who I have “known” since I can remember.  A man who has touched the lives of millions during his long life.  A man who has consulted every President since Truman.

Billy Graham just turned 96 last month.  For those of you younger than 50 you may not be aware that Mr. Graham was a staple on TV when we were children.  The song “Just As I Am” was a constant hymn while watching thousands go front for an invitation to accept Christ as their savior.  My dad, who was a preacher himself, marveled at his simple messages that attracted so many.  If you are not familiar with Billy, take a few moments to Google him and learn about his life.  Better yet, take some time to read his autobiography or other publications.  They will be worth their time in giving you inspiration.

There is so much that I could say about Mr. Graham:  How he struggled in the beginning until a non believing publisher felt lead to “push Graham”; how he met and prayed with every President; how he avoided any hint of scandal in over 60 years of ministry; how he stayed loyal to one wife; how he raised and stood by his children and watched them enter ministry; how he has touched so many.  One of those he touched is featured in a new movie coming out this month.  Louis Zamperini life will be played out in an Angelina Jolie movie.  Although I have heard that Mr. Graham is not mentioned, he was the evangelist that led Louis to Christ.

Laurie and I were blessed to have an opportunity to see Mr. Graham in 1985.  At that time, we thought it may be our last chance to see him.  We were 25, he was 67 and we thought he was old and ready to retire!

Blessings Mr. Graham!  Thank you for what you have done for God’s Kingdom and what you have done for this country and many others.



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