Top Ten Lessons on God with Toddlers

I recently taught a class of 14 toddlers.  None of them could verbally communicate but I managed to learn a few things about God through them:

1) Snack time: I walk around the table with a bag of animal crackers, if a child needs more they only have to raise their hand.  I know what they want.  I think God is smart enough to know what we want when we raise our hands.  He doesn’t need a lengthy explanation.

2) Most of their needs/solutions are obvious.  Runny nose – tissue.  Smelly bottom – change the diaper.  Crying – they either got hurt or they miss their parents – hold them.  I doubt that our needs are any harder for God to figure out.

3) They cry when they first come but they soon get over it and most have a great time.  If we would all learn to be satisfied and enjoy ourselves, God’s job would be a lot easier.  Who wants to oversee a bunch of whiners?

4) Toddlers may think they want to be with their parents but who wants to sit in adult church when there is play-dough and snacks?  How often do we argue with God about what we THINK we want when HE really knows better?

5) Conflict?  If they can’t share the toys I make them find something else to play with.   What do we fight over?  Maybe we need a diversion.

6) Choking hazards!  Really.  Do we need to have God watch us every second?

7) In a room of 14 toddlers, someone is bound to have a stinky diaper.  In a church, someone is bound to have a stinky life – shit happens.  Help them clean it up.  They probably can’t do it alone.

8) Spilled drinks.  Same as the stinky diapers.  It happens.  Don’t make a big deal about it.  Just clean it up.

9) Have some quiet time.  Toddlers love to sit in a cozy corner, sit on a lap and read books.  Hey, take the hint.  God would love to have a quiet time with you.

10) Have fun.  Toddlers learn from play time.  Have some fun with God.  Don’t be all serious all the time.  Most of what we learn will be through spills, falls, play, sharing and don’t forget the snack time.  Get over yourself.  You’re no different from any of your classmates.  Parents always come back to pick you up!



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