Entreprenuership Under Trial

Springs of Africa

“What do you use for a keyboard?” The expression of genuine perplexity on my face lent a sparkle to his. “Let me show you!” Douglas chimed, eager to display his creativity. He quickly worked up a rhythm on Fruity Loops – software I later learned is the Holy Grail for amateur music producers – then lined his fingers on the blunted letter-keys of his relic computer, creating a quick melody. “If Dr. Dre were in the studio, he’d be the first to bump his head to this beat,” I thought to myself. To finish, Douglas topped the piece with a mixture of lively instrumentals orchestrated on the makeshift piano.


At twenty-three years of age, Douglas is a freelance music producer. His studio is found in Silanga, in the heart of Kibera – the same neighborhood in which he was raised. From here, he creates albums for singers looking to break…

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