Working for the Lord

What is the worst career in your mind?

Think about it.

Has it changed over the years?  Was there a career that you wanted as a child and now wonder what you were thinking?

My answer: One of the top 10 is a toll booth person.  To me that just seems like torture.  How about pumping out septic tanks? Dentist would also be in that field.

Remember the career aptitude tests in school:  Do you like to be with people or work with objects?  Do you like to be outside or indoors?  Do you like to work with your hands or do mental work?

My results came out to forest ranger.  I could envision that then and now although I never did it.

Over 50 years of life my idea of the “perfect job” has changed dramatically.  Some of that change comes with age (our bodies cannot do the same manual work as we get older).  Some comes with technology changes (there were no computer jobs when I graduated high school).  Some come with experience – I learned that I didn’t want to work outside in all kinds of weather very quickly.  Some change because of family or life situations.

I like my job although I’ve tried to get out of it for 35 years!  Why?  Too many reasons to list here!

All jobs have negative factors.  Most have positives (I’m not sure about the toll booth operator or septic person).  All of them cause bad days and days that we want to change what we are doing.   Regardless, we should be content in all situations.  We should rejoice that we have a job.  We should be grateful for our employer or customers.

Instead of focusing on “what you want to do”, focus on “doing everything with a cheerful heart”.


Colossians 3:23 New International Version (NIV)

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,


One thought on “Working for the Lord

  1. Thanks, Brian. And this is an important perspective for most of the majority world population that/ who (?) usually does not have a choice anyway. WHATEVER it is, do it unto the Lord!

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