Another day . . .another mass shooting.

Pictures of people crying, hugging, prayer vigils, holding candles, teddy bears and flowers.

24 hour news cycle giving false information to fill the time slots.

Identify the killer and analyse his family history and psychological background.

Interview his family and friends – he was a loner, he was quiet, he played video games.

Gun control arguments.

Set up a memorial.

Is it about hatred?  Is it about mental illness? Is it about guns? Is it about 15 minutes of fame?

Schools will hire more guards.  More cameras will be installed.  More people will live in fear.

There will be more shouting in Washington.  There will be more comedians joking about gun activists.   More celebrities will denounce guns.  We will lose track of the tragedies.  We will buy more guns for protection.  We will lock more doors.  We will pass more laws.

We will continue to be more hardened to this dark hole that we are in and ask ‘why’.

Jeremiah 30:5 (NIV)

“This is what the Lord says:

“‘Cries of fear are heard  —  terror, not peace.



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