Imagine the outcry if a gunman asked gays to stand up and then executed them while he only shot straight people in the legs.  Can you imagine the outcry!  Hate crime!

Imagine if he only shot Muslims, blacks or, really . . . any other people group besides Christians.

Targeting Christians?  Cricket cricket

Horrible tragedy – but on the other hand we stand by Planned Parenthood killing innocent babies everyday – so much so that we won’t stop government funding.  Remember that black lives matter as long as they are not fetuses.

A man drives drunk and kills someone with his car.  Now you want to stop me from drinking in my home AND you want to take away my car.  Before you do that, why don’t you try to stop drunk driving?  Why is this my fault?

On the other hand, the areas with the strictest gun laws seem to be having the most killings.  I’m not against gun control.  I don’t like guns and I don’t own one.  But it seems like the current gun laws are not working.  Why don’t we find better gun laws instead of just saying we need “more gun laws”.

Violent video games.  Violent movies. Oh they don’t cause any of this Hollywood.  Just like sex in movies doesn’t affect anyone.  Do you ever wonder why we stopped ALL cigarette commercials and yet we advertise violence and sex constantly?  But remember, it doesn’t cause violence.

We may not agree on issues but let’s at least agree to approach every subject with the same bias and logic.  And lets find a solution instead of spitting out blame for everything that goes wrong.

Nehemiah 4: All of them plotted to attack Jerusalem to create confusion. But we prayed to our God and set guards to protect us day and night.



One thought on “Confusion

  1. Interesting thoughts. When I heard that the gunman asked if the people were Christian and my immediate thought was persecution is beginning in America, will I be able to stand as well.

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