Guns and Church

If you’re like me, you are getting tired of hearing about guns!  The gun subject is like abortion – you are likely to be on one side and no amount of arguing is going to change your side.   I’m not going to write about all the issues (you can read them anywhere).   I’m going to limit the discussion to one small question:

How do you feel about people carrying their guns into a church service?  If you find that shocking, think again.  It’s not just in Texas that people are carrying concealed weapons.  Friends of mine have told me that they carry their guns everywhere – including church.

So, you’re in the middle of worship and you notice a gun on the person’s belt in front of you.  Do you feel safer or more in danger?  Does this need disclosed to the congregation?  To leadership?

What kind of message does that give to others?  To our children?

If you really want to dig deep – how about our Anabaptist roots – should we be defending ourselves in the first place?  Should we lay down our lives in testimony of our faith or kill a madman that walks into our house of worship to kill Christians?

If you don’t want to think that hard, go back to the first question: How would you feel about guns in your church service?  Go.

Mark 14:46-48 (NIV)

46 The men seized Jesus and arrested him. 47 Then one of those standing near drew his sword and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.

48 “Am I leading a rebellion,” said Jesus, “that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me?




8 thoughts on “Guns and Church

  1. Interesting question.

    Our pastor (an independent Baptist church) has mentioned in services on several occasions that he carries a gun and wears a bullet proof vest in the pulpit. And, there are a few armed men who patrol the church property while services are in progress.

    I have no problem with that knowledge. However, I am saddened that our secular society perceives the church as a threat rather than a sanctuary.

      1. The area is generally conservative (central Indiana) but our church is about 8 miles away from the ISNA U.S. headquarters (Islamic Society of North America). Our preacher has a sermon every year on the Sunday just prior to 9/11 specifically on Islam. He has received some death threats over the years. The only incident so far is someone who tried to show a banner from the balcony several years ago. But we live in a dangerous world and he does not pull punches when he preaches.

      2. You are jogging my memory now! We did have a couple local TV news people come out the first three or fours years. The church promotes this Sunday on its billboard that faces the main road in town. But I don’t think the stations have bothered to come back since then. We were getting too much positive feedback from viewers for them to swallow!

  2. OK, late reply, I’m Ok with guns in church, primarily because i believe that in our area there are more people “carrying” than we are aware of. I’m not ready for us to have obviously armed guards and searches of those who enter our church although I’m not judging those who do. And with the events of the last couple weeks as a backdrop which hadn’t happened at the time you wrote this, I made this comment to someone; For the first time in my life the thought crossed my mind to get a concealed weapons permit. I don’t own a handgun but it’s hard to reconcile the thought of being in a place where lives are being taken “en masse” and have no physical recourse. thanks for asking!

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