After the flood: Sunshine, devastating damage. . .

This is the headline news today in many papers: After the flood: Sunshine, devastating damage in South Carolina.

I’m sure the residents are happy for the sun to come out and for the rain to stop.  Other than the devastation, it is probably a beautiful day there.

The devastation.  The sun is not making that go away.  The roads are still out.  Power is still off. Homes are destroyed.  People have died.

Isn’t that just like life?  Orphan Annie sang ‘The Sun Will Come Out’ but problems still linger.  We can wake to a new day; a new start.  The sun may be out and the day beautiful but the devastating damage is still facing us.  How do we deal with it?

1st – Be thankful for what we have – we’re still breathing and the sun is out.  2nd – face the devastation one step at a time and prioritize the work.

Whatever you are facing will eventually be cleaned up.  The sun will come out and the devastation will be cleared.

1 Chronicles 11:7-9 (NIV)

David then took up residence in the fortress, and so it was called the City of David. He built up the city around it, from the terraces[a] to the surrounding wall, while Joab restored the rest of the city. And David became more and more powerful, because the Lord Almighty was with him.

Hannah thanksgiving


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