Fish Bones

If you didn’t have the pleasure of growing up in the 1960’s and in the midwest of America, I’ll fill you in on our diet of seafood.  This is by no means a study guide.  I didn’t do ANY research.  I’m just sharing my experience.

We had three types of seafood: Tuna in a can that ended up in casseroles and sandwiches; Fish sticks on Fridays for school lunches and sometimes for dinner; and occasionally the challenge of fresh fish.

I say “challenge” because to my knowledge filleting fish in the 60’s was not perfected.  There were always bones to watch out for and we were taught with fear and trepidation that we could die instantly from these sharp bones getting stuck in our throats.  Imagine being a young boy and seeing the fear of God on your parent’s face as you take a bite of dinner!

First there was the lecture phase, “We’re going to have fish tonight, but you need to be very careful because there may be bones in it”.   Second was the demonstration phase, My mom would begin cutting the fish apart and looking for bones.  When she found one she would lift it out and say, “see here is a bone, see how little and sharp it is?  You don’t want that getting stuck in your throat”.  Third was trial: to see if I could master this deadly catch without going to the ER.

I was never the brightest bulb in the pack but I think I could handle chewing a piece of fish and pulling out the bones without both parents launched and ready to perform CPR at any second.  I never knew what kind of fish we were eating or where it came from.  I only knew the fear that there were “bones in it”.  Deadly bones.  Not steak bones or chicken bones.  These were killers bones that looked and felt like needles.  If the verbal warnings weren’t enough than the look of fear on my parent’s face was.

We didn’t know that fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, preservatives, pesticides, milk, flour, peanuts, carbohydrates and gluten could kill us.  It was just the fish bones! Pretty simple if you ask me.  Far easier to understand than today’s fears.

Don’t you wish that life could be that simple again?  Instead of reading food labels and buying organic we could just just buy fish with bones and hope that we don’t choke.  It’s kind of like our spiritual life.  Instead of worrying about every sin of every person, we could just be concerned about one thing . . . living to love God.

Matthew 13:47

Also, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was thrown into the sea. It gathered all kinds of fish.



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