Killing Leaders

I killed all the plants in my office this week.  I didn’t mean to.  They were all healthy and growing . . . and I killed them.  How?  I over fertilized them.  I thought more fertilizer, more growth.  Within a day they started to die.  It now looks like a plant graveyard.

I guess it goes with that saying, “too much of a good thing”.

It’s greed.  It’s wanting a plant to grow and mature faster than it can.  In the process it gets burned and dies.

We often do that to young leaders.  We see young men and women in the church who show great potential and we push them to the front before they are ready.  They are given little training and time to develop fully into what God wants them to be.  By being ‘pushed’ they make mistakes and are criticized harshly for making mistakes.  Regardless of the anointing or calling that they have, they still need time to develop and mature. Once a leader is burned, it is very hard to nurse them back to health again.  Often they wander away in seclusion never to return.

Relax and let your leaders grow at the right pace.  Jesus waited until he was thirty to begin ministering.  If God had patience with his son, I think He will have patience with us.

1 Timothy 5:22 Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands . . .



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