Muslims converting to Christianity

The following is an excerpt from a friend who ministers to Muslims in Europe.  I deleted personal information for his safety.

We are safe. Now, that is. We live 500 miles from Paris. No guarantees.

First the misinformation. ISIS is Islamic, a fact denied by only certain ignorant leaders. Hillary and Sanders said it is not Islamic, but Jihadist. News flash. Jihadism is Islamic. We have no means of stopping ISIS short of surrender or war. But Muslims make the best Christian converts I’ve ever seen, excluding ISIS indoctrinated Muslims. That’s why we are here. The huge refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and in Jordan are experiencing conversion revivals to Christ, due to the repugnant nature of ISIS and their horrific methods of handling human flesh. The French went to Raqqa and bombed over 20 key ISIS sites. Their coordinates were given by the USA, who themselves were instructed not to bomb these sites. News flash. The French lost 130 people. The USA lost 3,000 on 9/11 and we wilt with no proactive will to confront. Francois Hollande said, “We are at war.” Holland, a socialist, knows the truth.

Second, our view from the eye of the storm. Where in the world do you have former Muslims, now followers of Jesus, just overhear you talk about Jesus in a restaurant and come rushing up to you and ask, “Are you Christians too?” This happened to me again just Friday night before the attack by 6 hours. Never has my faith been so lifted, my purpose so charged, as a meeting with former Muslims who will never return to the blasé life of tepid careless Christian living. I can call a former Muslim 50 miles away for some help or need, or a visit, and they come, no long looking at a calendar for an open date. I could no more leave ministry to Muslims than lose my right arm, because they are our right arm. We are in a human laboratory of love and support to pump our faith in Jesus every day, upon each and every SMS, text message, from our converts or other’s converts. Heaven is here on earth. And we are basking in the glory of heaven in advance of the resurrection. How about that?

But what about non-converted Muslims, some 10% of the French population? Many are tortured (wives beaten and treated to acid in the face), all fear Allah as the Godzilla who punishes people with great delight, all think that demonic attacks are sent to them from Allah every day. Is there any surprise that some become psychotic and radicalize into ISIS? We are talking to Muslims every week. Last week, during my sharing, the Muslim turned to my wife  and said of me, “If everyone had the love and passion of your husband, we would have no wars in this world.” I’m embarrassed to say this, but this happens all the time. We are sort of a walking light in a jail house of prisoners whom Jesus urges us to visit in Mt. 25:36 and so visit Jesus Himself.

Who will stop us from ministering to Muslims? Who will separate us and this ministry from the Love of God in Christ Jesus, not life or death, angels or demons, present or future powers, no heights nor depths, nothing else and no one else in all creation? Rom. 8:38. Forgive me, but this is not hubris, but we are unstoppable. In Christ Jesus. Join with us in any way you can.

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