Guns and Church pt 5

Take a look around you – in church, school, work, at the mall, on the street, in your neighborhood.

Who do you want carrying guns?  Take a look.  Which of the people around you do you trust with a loaded gun on their belt or in their purse?  Do you trust them?  Are they trained?  Do they have the wisdom and experience to be carrying a loaded weapon for their “defense” or “defense of others”?

If an armed man walked into your area, do you or that other person have the training and experience to handle their weapon or will you cause more harm to everyone in most situations?  Will you or they be too quick to pull their gun out when the situation could have been diffused in a better way?

If you think I am being harsh on guns – I’m not.  I am thinking through the issue.  You may think everyone carrying a gun is a clear headed, mature, self disciplined, not to mention, trained individual.  But what about that creepy guy – you know the one who isn’t quite stable?  You know who I mean.  The one who gets violent at times.  The one who can’t keep it together.  What if he is carrying a gun?

You see, if we open the doors for everyone to carry a gun; everyone may really carry a gun.  Even those who really shouldn’t be carrying guns.

Take a look around.  Who is carrying and who is not?  Who do you want carrying and who shouldn’t be?

… ready for military service—able-bodied men who could handle shield and sword, who could use a bow, and who were trained for battle.



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