World War 3

There is talk that we are entering WW3 with the Russians getting involved in Syria.  Some even say that it has already started.

Very few of us were not around to remember the build up to WW2 and no one is old enough to remember the beginning of WW1.   We have only read about the political climate and what happened during those years.

A world war reminds me of becoming a man – one day I knew I was a man but I’m not sure when the transition happened.  One day we have a civil war in Syria.  One day we are battling ISIS.  One day the Russians are involved.  One day the French are involved.  One day Turkey shoots down a Russian plane.  One day we are in WW3.

A world war is defined as: A war involving many large nations in all different parts of the world. The name is commonly given to the wars of 1914–18 and 1939–45, although only the second of these was truly global.

We live in dangerous times.  There is so much tension with little compromise on any of the issues.  Should we live in fear or faith?  Should we have hope or are we being naive?

Where do you put your trust?

Psalm 37:3-4 (NIV)

Trust in the Lord and do good;
    dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.




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