Person of the Year

This is my third year for presenting my “Person of the Year”.   I normally spend a lot of time praying about this and struggling through the choice.  This year was an easy decision and a very quick one.

This person of the year had lived the “good Christian life”.  By all standards she did everything right.  She went to college, met a guy, fell in love, got married, had two children and went to the mission field.  It should have been a happy and rewarded life.

The world can be cruel and life wasn’t happy, easy or rewarding.  On March 18, 2012, her husband Joel Shrum was gunned down and killed in Yemen where he was serving as a teacher.

I cannot begin to grasp the emotions behind that.  Beyond loss and fear, how does anyone justify that with God?

Fast forward several years.  This person meets a guy.  A single guy who has never married and has been frustrated in his own life for not finding a wife.  It would be easy to say, that they both got back on the “good Christian life” platform again.  But did they ever step off of it?

Happiness and “things working out” are no more a sign of living the “Christian life” than sadness and hardship being signs of NOT living the “Christian life”.  The reality is that they were both walking in God’s hands the entire time – giving Him glory.

Sounds easy doesn’t it – it’s not.  That’s why I picked Janelle (Shrum) Groff as my “Person of the Year”.  Not because everything turned out happy (which I’m glad it did!).  But because God is her redeemer and she has accepted His grace in her life!  It’s that testimony that we need to follow.

To read the beautiful story and engagement, please click to:

Congrats Janelle!  You definitely deserve the Person of the Year award!

Ruth 4:11 Then the elders and all the people at the gate said, “We are witnesses. May the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home like Rachel and Leah,who together built up the family of Israel.



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