Is it harder to go or come back?

If you talk to anyone going out on a mission assignment – whether it is short term or long term – there is a question: Is it harder to leave home and go or is it harder to return?

There is a natural fear or reluctance in moving to another country:  Leaving family and friends, fear of adjusting to a new culture and language, questions over succeeding or failure in the mission.  It is a fear of the unknown and change.

But anyone who has been to another culture faces the dilemma of returning . . . Now the questions arise: Can I deal with the materialism?  Can I deal with the first world problems?  I’ve changed, how will I relate to family and friends?  Will people treat me differently?  Will I be disillusioned?  Will home no longer be home?

All of these questions about going and returning are valid and they need to be faced.  Some will adjust easily to a new culture.  Others will have a difficult time.  Some will come home with ease.  Some will never really come home.

How has your adjustment been?  Was it harder to leave or to come back?

Numbers 15:2
Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘After you enter the land I am giving you as a home’.




2 thoughts on “Is it harder to go or come back?

    1. Interesting Diane. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about your feelings of “coming back” because you knew where you would be living when you got married. Is it hard to visit here for lengths of time? You are definitely more “at home” in Kenya!

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