Duck Duck Goose

Couple lessons from this childhood game:

If you sit back with your hands propping you up, you are likely to have your hands stepped on.

There is really nothing that you can do to be picked as goose.  On the other hand, there isn’t anything that you can do to avoid being the goose.  The only thing that can influence the decision is the teacher forcing the current goose to tag you.  It is kind of like the government running our lives.  Live with it.  There’s not much you can do.

We want to be selected as the goose.  Why?  Wouldn’t you rather just sit and relax instead of running around a bunch of children trying to catch the previous goose?

Why do “goose” children walk around the circle more than once?  Can’t they make up their mind on the first trip?

If you are the goose and you run around the circle with only socks on with a slippery floor you are bound to be a hurt goose.

Is it fair for someone to be the goose twice when there are those who haven’t been the goose yet?

A goose has a great opportunity to hit the ducks a little too hard causing pain to the ducks that they don’t like.

Is there any point to this game other than filling up time for the teacher?

Ecclesiastes 1:“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher.  “Utterly meaningless!  Everything is meaningless.”  What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?



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