When to turn your lights on

This analogy is a little similar to the frog in boiling water – see what you think.

If we go out to drive at night, we rarely miss turning our lights on.  It’s pretty obvious that we can’t see without them.

But if we’ve been driving during the day and dusk begins, we all have a different point when we feel our lights should be turned on.  We may be able to see fine but other drivers may not be able to see us.  Sometimes it is a matter of our eyes adjusting slowly and we don’t realize it is getting dark.  At some point we either realize that it is getting hard to see or someone flashes their lights at us.

I had a car once that the lights came on automatically at a certain darkness.  I was driving down a road with shade trees and the lights were going on and off going between the shadows and sun.  Very annoying.  I gave that car to my daughter and when she went for her driver’s test she didn’t know how to turn the lights on because they were automatic.  The testing person wasn’t amused and nearly flunked her because she argued with him.

We live in a dark world – some say it is getting darker, some say that it has always been this dark.  Those of us who have been Christians our whole life may not be able to “see” the day getting darker and may not feel the need to shine our light.  Adults who come in out of the dark seem to be more sensitive to the dark/light and are usually quick to turn their light on.

Are we numb to the darkness?  Are our eyes desensitized and we are driving dangerously?  Have we forgotten to turn our lights on and we need someone to flash their high beams at us?  Are we driving past people standing out in the dark and we don’t see them because we our lights are off?  Last but not least – are we driving on a road with so many street lights that we don’t feel the need to shine our own?

Maybe we should have automatic lights that come on whenever we drive into darkness.  Or maybe that defeats the whole purpose of who we are.

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”



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