Month: April 2016


Not all discrimination is equal.  A business model can be set up to cover a great deal of it.  If a person comes into a store or an office, it is often obvious if they are mistreated by observing physical and verbal reactions.  It’s another thing when phone calls are not returned or online applications are rejected.  A small business owner that screens all calls coming in may decide not to pursue a customer and the customer in most cases won’t know why – they can only assume.

People discriminate on many levels – not just race and the other top issues.  A screener may not like how someone talks or how they present themselves.  A minor listing on a resume may turn off an employer that no one else would ever think of.  Levels of hatred come in many shades, styles and colors.  I knew an employer who threw away any resume that listed a church affiliation or “Sunday School Teacher” because they assumed the person was a “Bible Thumper” and wouldn’t fit into the class of other current employees.  Would those applicants ever be able to figure that out?  I doubt it.

Some businesses are easier to discriminate in.  A baker has a hard time defending why they won’t make a cake for a gay wedding.  I call these “close market” cases.  The business person is cornered and cannot get out of the discrimination without it being obvious.  Other businesses are more open and can pick and choose who they want to service without punishment.  A delivery business may fit into this by saying they won’t travel to a “certain area” because . . . well maybe it is too far or it doesn’t fit their driving schedule.

Hollywood and other entertainers are having a hay day with this level of discrimination.  They are refusing to do business in states where they disapprove of certain laws.  Is this their right?  Maybe.  But why are they permitted to refuse business out of their basis of discrimination and others aren’t.  Isn’t it discrimination if an entertainer refuses to perform in an area for any reason.  Could they be prosecuted if it could be proven that they refused to go there for racial reasons?

Remember; the baker, the photographer, the florist, store owner etc are backed in a corner and it’s easy to pick on them.  We have a much bigger discrimination going on where the powerful can move and change their discriminations at will and get away with it because they are in open markets.

Discrimination is always here.  It is always changing and morphing into a new ugly creature.  Be on guard.  We may not be offering “whites only” drinking fountains anymore but we are still offering “________________ only” . . . you fill in the blank.  Who are you discriminating against today?

James 2:3-5 (NIV)

If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?



Why I’m growing more cynical

When I was a child we had “fall out” shelters that were supposed to keep us safe from nuclear devastation.

When I was a child the politicians told us that communism was like a domino effect that was going to take over the whole planet.

When I was a child the government started a lot of expensive programs to stop poverty.  We have more now.

When I was a teenager we were running out of oil.

When I was a teenager the biggest environmental problem was polution – you know trash.

When I was a teenager we road in cars without seat belts and airbags and our parents left us unattended in unlocked cars.  We never wore helmets when riding a bike.  Now all of those things are illegal.  Why didn’t anyone tell us we were in danger?

When I was a teenager mortgage rates were in the high teens.  They would never come down.

When I was in my twenties we were losing our Ozone level and we were all going to burn up.

When I was in my twenties everyone got rid of fall out shelters.  I guess they didn’t work?

When I was in my twenties the earth was cooling out of control and we were all going to freeze.

When I was in my twenties butter was bad – really bad for you.  Whole milk was poison.

When I was in my twenties we were running out of oil.

When I was in my thirties we were running out of oil.

When I was in my forties the world was warming and we were all going to die.

When I was in my fifties butter was ok.  Whole milk was actually better than skim.  Almond milk was better.

When I was in my fifties we had too much oil and the prices dropped.

When I was in my fifties the climate changed but I don’t know if it got colder or warmer but we were still going to die from it.

When I was in my fifties college got ridiculously expensive and the government said it should be free and that if everyone went to college we would be better off.

When I was in my fifties we elected an African American President and everyone said race relationships would improve.

When I was in my fifties we were told to elect a woman President so that women issues would improve.

When I was in my fifties I was told that I need to support every crazy dumb ass liberal sexual idea so that everyone was treated fair and had equal rights and so that I wouldn’t be full of hate and that I would love everyone and that the Bible was no longer valid and that I  couldn’t say anything negative about anyone or anything or I would be hateful and that I needed to believe everything the government and scientists told me or else I would be an ignorant Bible thumping hillbilly that had no sense and that I just needed to believe because it was experts who were sharing this.

In my fifties I dug out a fallout shelter to hide from these people.





#Transgender part 2

Below is a previous blog.  While I had some comments on my FB page about this, I didn’t really get any questions.  So here you go.  These are certainly not all my questions, but a few:

  1. How would this work if it was a male identifying as a woman?  Bailer went from 1st in his field to last (swimming as a male).  What if it was the other way around?  How would the competitors feel?  Are there rules on that?  What if Bruce Jenner had switched identity during the Olympics and competed as Kaitlyn?
  2. The men are ok with him on the team and in the locker room even though he is biologically still a woman.  Again, would the women want a naked woman with male anatomy walking around naked in their locker room?
  3. The article did address some of the drug issues involved with this but again – other way around?  What is fair?
  4. Let’s talk about appearance:  Ok – dangerous water here – people were offended that Leslie asked about his bottom parts.  You wouldn’t ask anyone else about this because they aren’t having an issue with who they are.  But face it – we ARE dealing with body parts in this issue – things like genitalia, breasts, beards and body hair.  Don’t kill the questioner but how “freaky” do we want to get?  Does it matter that a “woman” with a beard waited on me at Wendy’s?  Do I want her representing my company?
  5. At what age do we justify this?  I’ve known plenty of “Tom boys” that grew up to be feminine women.  What if they had been encouraged to change along the way?  Are there going to be age restrictions on surgery?  How do our schools handle this and can they do it effectively?

I’m NOT condemning any of this – I’m asking questions.  The door has been opened and we better be ready to deal with it.

Transgender Swimmer

It is 2016 and this is one of the issues that we are facing.  I’m not posting this with any bias either way.  I’m putting it out here because we need to face it, deal with it, try to understand it and seek God’s wisdom in it.

Feel free to comment but I won’t allow any hate comments or quick jabs either way.

You may think that I used the following verse to sum up my feelings that God created man and woman – case closed.  But would it be better to use the verse in John about stoning the adulterer?  Wouldn’t that automatically cause the assumption that this is a sin?  I don’t have the answers for you.  I’m posting it for you to pray and seek wisdom.

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.


$15 an hour

In a perfect world, all of us would make more than we need to live on.  No one would need to struggle to live on minimum wage and no one would be a billionaire.   Children and young people wouldn’t die at a young age while others seem to live forever even when they don’t want to.  There wouldn’t be wars over who controls land.  There wouldn’t be politics “as usual” with lying and bribes and back room deals – we wouldn’t even need separate parties.  We would agree on what is best for everyone.

We wouldn’t open to obituaries to see another young person dead from an overdose or suicide.  We wouldn’t hear about another murder in another city.  There wouldn’t be gun violence.   We wouldn’t have police violence because we wouldn’t need police.

I think a guy named John wrote a song that was similar to these thoughts and then someone shot and killed him for no reason before he was ready to go.  One of his band mates died to early of cancer.  Several of his friends died of drug overdoses.  Some were rich and now they are poor.

John didn’t live in a perfect world and neither do we.  We need to fight to live.  You may be fighting any one of these battles or several at the same time.  Hang in there.  In a hundred years, no one will remember who or what you battled.

1 Peter 1:24-25 “All people are like grass,
    and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
25     but the word of the Lord endures forever.”

800px-Sandylion near Burnley

Transgender Swimmer

It is 2016 and this is one of the issues that we are facing.  I’m not posting this with any bias either way.  I’m putting it out here because we need to face it, deal with it, try to understand it and seek God’s wisdom in it.

Feel free to comment but I won’t allow any hate comments or quick jabs either way.

You may think that I used the following verse to sum up my feelings that God created man and woman – case closed.  But would it be better to use the verse in John about stoning the adulterer?  Wouldn’t that automatically cause the assumption that this is a sin?  I don’t have the answers for you.  I’m posting it for you to pray and seek wisdom.

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.



I was sitting at a diner counter eating breakfast.  A man sat at the far end of the counter and all the other stools were empty.  I was comfortably positioned with room on either side.  My cell phone was out and my Kindle was propped up.  And then it happened . . . a lady came and sat down on the stool right next to me!  With all the other empty stools, she sat right next to me!  She invaded my space!  She spread out a newspaper to read and fidgeted around cleaning her silverware and making little noises.  I wanted to say “do you mind moving over?  Your’re in my  space!”.  I also thought about moving but I was all set up.  The whole experience made me eat faster and quickly leave.

Space is a funny thing – if the counter is full and I need to sit between two strangers I don’t mind.  But if someone comes and sits too close when there is room, it is uncomfortable.

Elevators are the same way.  Seats on a bus or plane.  There are appropriate and inappropriate space rules.

How close are you to God?  It may seem like a funny question because we are supposed to be as close to God as we can get.  But are we trying to get so close that we bother Him?   Are we trying to be so much like Him that we think we are on the same level?  Are we pressing so close that we cannot bow down before Him?

Come close to God and rejoice in His presence but don’t forget to bow and remember who you are approaching.

Exodus 3:5 “Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”


No eagle egg abortions permitted

The Lacy Act was passed in 1900, and protects bald eagles by making it a Federal offense to take, possess, transport, sell, import, or export their nests, eggs and parts that are taken in violation of any state, tribal or U.S. law. It also prohibits false records, labels, or identification of wildlife shipped, prohibits importation of injurious species and prohibits shipment of fish or wildlife in an inhumane manner. Penalties include a maximum of five years and $250,000 fine for felony convictions and a maximum $10,000 fine for civil violations and $250 for marking violations. Fines double for organizations. Rewards are provided for information leading to arrest and conviction. violation of the Act.


Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton ran afoul of both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the abortion debate Sunday when she said constitutional rights do not apply to an “unborn person” or “child.”

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Mrs. Clinton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to, you know, help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support.”

Mrs. Clinton also said “there is room for reasonable kinds of restrictions” on abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Diana Arellano, manager of community engagement for Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, said Sunday that Mrs. Clinton’s comments undermined the cause for abortion rights.

The comment “further stigmatizes #abortion,” Ms. Arellano said in a tweet. “She calls a fetus an ‘unborn child’ & calls for later term restrictions.”

Describing the fetus as a “person” or “child” has long been anathema to the pro-choice movement, which argues the terms misleadingly imply a sense of humanity.

In addition, the specific term “person” is a legal concept that includes rights and statuses that the law protects, including protection of a person’s life under the laws against homicide. Pro-choice intellectuals have long said that even if an unborn child is a “life,” it is not yet a “person.”

Guidelines issued by the International Planned Parenthood Federation discourage pro-choice advocates from using terms such as “abort a child,” instead recommending “more accurate/appropriate” alternatives such as “end a pregnancy” or “have an abortion.”

“‘Abort a child’ is medically inaccurate, as the fetus is not yet a child,” the guide reads. “‘Terminate’ a pregnancy is commonly used, however some people prefer to avoid this as terminate may have negative connotations (e.g., ‘terminator or assassinate’) for some people.”

The guidebook also advises against the terms “baby,” “dead fetus,” “unborn baby” or “unborn child” when discussing what it is that’s being aborted. Instead, it recommends the terms “embryo,” “fetus” and “the pregnancy.”

“The alternatives are medically accurate terms, as the embryo or fetus is not a baby,” it explains.

The exchange with NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday came after Mrs. Clinton blasted Republican front-runner Donald Trump last week for saying that women should face “some form of punishment” for having abortions if they were illegal. He later reversed his statement, multiple times, after an outcry from both pro-life and pro-choice groups.

Conservatives also caught Mrs. Clinton’s words and drew implications. Commentary Editor John Podhoretz said the gaffe is comparable to those of Mr. Trump.

“This is Trump-level gaffery,” Mr. Podhoretz said in a tweet. “If you acknowledge personhood, then the unborn has every Constitutional right.”

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro also said that Mrs. Clinton’s statement “demonstrates just how incoherent and evil the left’s abortion position is.”

Read more:

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I set you apart;
    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Ordinary People

I have been writing a new blog on suicide but I am hesitant to share it because it takes my inner publicity farther than its ever been.  There are two reactions that a reader may have when seeing a writing on depression and suicide.  Surprising those reactions are not very different than ANY subject.

We generally like to read and learn about what touches us.  We may not have any interest in the subject of LGBT until someone close to us comes out with their revelation.  It may be difficult seeing people suffer with cancer but once it hits close we devour anything we can to find a way to beat it.

D&S – if you don’t battle depression you may begin feeling that way just by reading how some people feel.  Don’t self criticize yourself – it means that you are probably one of the lucky ones who doesn’t fight it.

On the other hand, if you feel the need to read about others who are depressed or any article bringing light to it – guess what – you may be in that company whether you know it or not.  In 1980 a movie came out called “Ordinary People” that dealt with teen suicide, death and family dysfunction.   I watched it over and over again.  I felt every minute of the pain that EVERYONE in the family was going through.  I was dating Laurie at the time and she hated it.  To her it was totally depressing and she couldn’t understand how I could watch it.  The movie didn’t make me happy – I just understood what everyone was going through and I FELT it.

You may not know how to relate to someone fighting these demons.  You can’t relate to everyone’s challenges – Personally I don’t understand people who fear heights or traveling outside our country.  Those fears are irrational to me and I don’t relate well.

I’m not ready to share more of my journey yet.  Soon, maybe, but not yet.  Just know that the person next to you is battling something.  It may be D&S or it could be OCD behavior.  Don’t bust on them with the flippant “just get over it” or “why do you feel like that”.  We are ordinary people and we are trying to survive.  If you don’t understand what this blog was about, move on to the next subject.  You’re one of the lucky ones.

Psalm 90:13-14

13 Relent, Lord! How long will it be?
    Have compassion on your servants.
14 Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
    that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.