#Transgender part 2

Below is a previous blog.  While I had some comments on my FB page about this, I didn’t really get any questions.  So here you go.  These are certainly not all my questions, but a few:

  1. How would this work if it was a male identifying as a woman?  Bailer went from 1st in his field to last (swimming as a male).  What if it was the other way around?  How would the competitors feel?  Are there rules on that?  What if Bruce Jenner had switched identity during the Olympics and competed as Kaitlyn?
  2. The men are ok with him on the team and in the locker room even though he is biologically still a woman.  Again, would the women want a naked woman with male anatomy walking around naked in their locker room?
  3. The article did address some of the drug issues involved with this but again – other way around?  What is fair?
  4. Let’s talk about appearance:  Ok – dangerous water here – people were offended that Leslie asked about his bottom parts.  You wouldn’t ask anyone else about this because they aren’t having an issue with who they are.  But face it – we ARE dealing with body parts in this issue – things like genitalia, breasts, beards and body hair.  Don’t kill the questioner but how “freaky” do we want to get?  Does it matter that a “woman” with a beard waited on me at Wendy’s?  Do I want her representing my company?
  5. At what age do we justify this?  I’ve known plenty of “Tom boys” that grew up to be feminine women.  What if they had been encouraged to change along the way?  Are there going to be age restrictions on surgery?  How do our schools handle this and can they do it effectively?

I’m NOT condemning any of this – I’m asking questions.  The door has been opened and we better be ready to deal with it.

Transgender Swimmer

It is 2016 and this is one of the issues that we are facing.  I’m not posting this with any bias either way.  I’m putting it out here because we need to face it, deal with it, try to understand it and seek God’s wisdom in it.

Feel free to comment but I won’t allow any hate comments or quick jabs either way.

You may think that I used the following verse to sum up my feelings that God created man and woman – case closed.  But would it be better to use the verse in John about stoning the adulterer?  Wouldn’t that automatically cause the assumption that this is a sin?  I don’t have the answers for you.  I’m posting it for you to pray and seek wisdom.

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.





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