Warning: This article discusses peanuts, tree nuts, red dye, milk and dairy products.  Anyone who is allergic to these should use caution.

What has caused the explosion of allergies?  I was born in 1960 and I didn’t know anyone who was allergic to food.  If any of you are that old, did you know anyone with allergies?  I visited my kid’s middle school a few years ago and ate lunch in the cafeteria.  They have entire tables for allergy free foods.   If you want to bring in a snack to a classroom today you need a computer program outlining what is acceptable.  Class lists now list banned foods from nearly 3/4 of the class.

I’m no scientist and I didn’t research to see what the theories are.  I’m sure I will get some quality feedback trying to educate me.  Maybe its linked to climate change?  I’m not downplaying allergies.  They can be very serious and I feel for people who suffer from them.  According to a local pastor, there can be no nuts on his church property or four of the members will die.

What have we done to ourselves and our society to make this drastic change in 50 years?  Is it genetic tampering?  Chemicals?  Pesticides?  I’m serious….how did this happen so radically and in such a short time?  We are supposed to be the healthiest nation and yet we are obese (me included) and we suffer from every food ailment possible.

What was meant to be a blessing has turned into a curse.  Do you know why?

Genesis 9:3   Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.





2 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. yes, unfortunately, i have a kid with severe/life-threatening allergies. you go from one day living this happy and carefree life (totally facetious since life is always hard) to having a kid that you literally have to watch every single thing he touches or that enters his mouth. you have to tell people over and over again that walnuts are the same dangers as peanuts and that no, thank you, the pistachios in the dessert will still hurt him. please stop feeding my child.

    you have to teach your child an extreme fear of food. so much so that they become a bit paranoid. as they should. you have to literally read every package of food. your child NEVER has a single free moment to just go and pick up a piece of candy and eat it. NEVER.

    allergies are CRAZY scary and so NOT understandable. so much so that EVERYONE in every country under the sun is trying to figure them out—not just the united states. some of the best research i have found has come out of england, germany, israel, and australia…and i have a kid that was not BORN in the united states. i wasn’t even pregnant while in the states, nor did i live in the us for the last 12 years before he was born. BUT…he did have massive amounts of antibiotics before he was 6 months old—because he was a hard kid to keep alive (you know—coma baby and all other horrible stuff like that)…and i have read that many children that have antibiotics (in excess—which means that they probably seriously needed them) before 6 months, there has been an increase shown in them becoming allergy-prone. it has to do with the breakdown of gut acids, and so forth.

    DEFINITELY a different world.

    one that i will probably never understand. but i have learned the VERY HARD LESSON of becoming the helicopter mom. because i would rather be that mom than watch my son die. after all, he has already been a hard-fought life from the start. and i hope to see him stick around for a super super super long time.

    1. Thank you Brooke, It is crazy and it was not like this when I was a kid. I teach Sunday School and I need a chart outlining which kids can’t eat different foods. I hope they can come up with some answers.

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