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Advertising Your Church

Let’s consider how to grow your church. If you run your business like we run most churches, it would probably be flat and dying. For the most part, churches count on word of mouth only to increase members. Let’s look at some ideas:

  1. Why would anyone want to come to your church? What makes it stand out different from neighboring churches? Do you have anything special to offer?
  2. Who do you want to reach – down and out sinners or easy care already saved Christians? Poor and needy souls or wealthy and giving independents?
  3. Do you really want more people or do you need more money to meet the budget?
  4. Young people, old people, children, families, bikers, hippies? Who do you want to attract?

Ok. How’s that going? Do you know who you want to reach?

Let’s look at some tag lines:

  1. “Brand new pipe organ and choir.”
  2. “Worship band. We’ll get you moving. Bring your earplugs.”
  3. “Padded Seats.”
  4. “Dynamic Children’s Ministry.”
  5. “Free Coffee.”
  6. “Hip Cafe.”
  7. “Mom’s Group and Men’s Ministry.”
  8. “Air Conditioned.’
  9. “Free Wi-fi – you can check Facebook if the sermon is boring.”
  10. “Plenty of off-street Parking.”
  11. “You can give your tithe on-line.” – you may not want to start with that one.
  12.  “Come as you are. Shorts, ripped jeans, t-shirts are welcome. Our pastor is a slob too.”
  13. “We care about appearance – Dresses and Suits required.”

Try thinking out of the box. Personally, I like the padded seats and free coffee.

Next, you will need to set a budget.

  1. Let’s say you want to spend $100,000 a year in advertising. You are hoping to get new members that make an average of $50,000 a year and that tithe faithfully.  You will need 20 new members a year to pay for the advertising. You don’t want to hurt your ministry projects so you really need to get that money flowing. It kind of cuts out the down and outers though.
  2. Will you advertise on TV? Newspaper?

Last of all. Will you hire an agent who builds a campaign or do it in house?

This is a lot to think about. How will you sell your church?

Mark 13:10
And the gospel must first be preached to all nations.


But Wait . . .

An old one brought back.


But Wait . . .

For those of you who can view American TV for at least an hour you will probably see an infomercial for something that you don’t need – a snuggy, knifes that cut through anything, amazing cleaners, globes to water plants, etc.  All of them have the same sales pitch: You can buy this amazing product for $19.95 but wait . . . if you order now you can get two for the same low amazing price . . . just pay for the processing and handling which I assume is probably another $19.95.  It always sounds like a rip off to me.  I don’t trust them and it turns me off.  As soon as I hear “but wait” I feel like I’ve walked into a snake oil store.

Life can be like.  A rip off.  A “but wait” moment.  Sometimes waiting is good.  It builds…

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“Feel” Clean

Advertising is an interesting field.  Advertisers want the consumer to believe something without really saying it – because it may not be true.  Take for example toilet paper commercials (sorry).  The ads say the toilet paper will make you “feel” clean.  They don’t say that the toilet paper will make you clean.  They want us to believe that we will be cleaner by using their product because we will “feel” clean.  Is it a lie?  Deceptive?  It’s virtually the truth.  Virtually is another catch phrase that they love to use.

Jesus didn’t use catch phrases or bend the truth.  He said it like it was and is – and that’s what so often got him into trouble.  Jesus is very black and white without fluff to make us “feel” better.  This is a challenge for us as we deal with sin, forgiveness, repentance, life, hurts, and (shhh) judgment.

The world fears God’s judgment and rules.  It wants to soften the message with “feel good” messages.  Jesus said I can make you clean but you need to follow me.  There is a price to pay.  Sorry Oprah.

By fearing the tough stuff, the world misses out on all the great stuff – Love, Joy, Life, etc.

Don’t forget your calling today but stand firm in Jesus commands and in His Love – not empty promises but everlasting life!

Luke 5

12 While Jesus was in one of the towns, a man came along who was covered with leprosy.[a] When he saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”   13 Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” And immediately the leprosy left him.