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The Healing

Here is the beginning of my new project.  Let me know if you want more to follow:

Current Day

Amy walked up to the corner of the hospital.  It was the quietest side of the hospital with few windows and doors.  There were few exterior cameras on this side  – a fact that she was well aware of.  She wore plain jeans and a hoody over a baseball cap and glasses.  It was late in the evening and no one was on the sidewalk to see what she was about to do.


In a sudden move, she stepped up to the looming building that housed over 500 patients and hundreds of nurses, doctors, orderlies, and support staff.  She pressed both hands against the yellow brick and whispered a few words.


As quickly as she approached the building, she turned and walked away.  Her head was down, her face hidden.  She had timed this so that she could get to the corner and jump on the last city bus for the night.  Three blocks away she got off the bus and walked two more blocks to her car that was parked at a metered spot in front of closed offices. 


Driving away she finally removed her hood and glasses.  She shook so hard that she had to pull the car to the side of the road.  The tears came hard and breathing was painful.  The thought of dying was close but she knew it wouldn’t come.  After twenty long minutes her body began to balance to normal and she pulled back on the road to return home and hope for a night that would pass quickly without much sleep.