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I hope we hit the bulls-eye

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. Romans 15:7NIV

Sometimes our theology resembles throwing darts at a dartboard.  We throw and hope that we hit near the center.  Once in awhile we hit a bulls-eye. Sometimes we hit the wall off the board altogether.

We are all trying to hit the same target but our efforts really vary.

In one week I can encounter men who SHOUT the word at the city square(we are all condemned – I apparently don’t even read the correct version of the Bible).  I can listen to well meaning evangelists at the local fair (Make sure to pick up the yard stick after listening to the message).  I hear close friends talk about hyper grace and the theology that everything is acceptable because we live under grace.  How about – everyone is going to heaven no matter what – I guess Jesus died for no reason.  We all live under love, there is no judgment.  And then I see a van drive by with messages all over it “You will perish in a lake of fire”.  Yeah, I really want to join that church.

We can’t even decide on Christmas anymore.  Some will celebrate although they don’t believe in Jesus.  Some will celebrate although they do believe in Jesus.  Others will condemn the whole affair; but please buy gifts so that our economy doesn’t fail.  Christmas is coming whether you like it or not.  Fee free to buy me presents if you want.

Back to the dart board.  Whatever topic you threw at this week I hope you got it right.  I think my dart hit the fat guy drinking a beer at a table close buy.  He got up and wanted to fight.  Who is farther from grace – me for throwing so far off the mark or the drunk guy for getting mad?  He certainly doesn’t attend a Mennonite Church – (drinking and fighting!)

We hope.  We pray.  We’re right.  We’re wrong.  Jesus accepts us.  God is glorified.  Tomorrow is another day to throw darts.  I hope some of us hit the bulls-eye.